Men’s Bamboo Trunks

Men’s Bamboo Trunks


Want to experience what underwear should really feel like? Bamboo fibre is often compared to Cashmere for its softness, these trunks will be the most comfortable ones you ever wear! They are anti-bacterial, anti-static and don’t ride up! Try them once and you’ll never go back!

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Bamboo Trunks

When you have a long day, you want to ensure you’re comfortable from head to toe. Occasionally though, bad underwear can sneak its way into the mix leaving you feeling uncomfortable and just not right. This is resolvable with bamboo underwear, which meets the needs of being both comfortable and durable – a great solution!

These most mentionable unmentionables can go anywhere with you whether it be work or play, and will work as hard as you do every day to keep you cool and super fresh. In a stunning array of colours, you’re spoilt for choice. They’re made from 95% bamboo and 5% spandex (for a real snuggly fit!), meaning they’re both breathable and flexible. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing underwear with these as part of your daily routine.

So go on…treat yourself. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference.


They are very comfortable – Bamboo underwear is softer and much more absorbent than cotton, reducing the likelihood of irritation and making it a natural choice for those with sensitive skin.

Odour-reducing – Bamboo’s natural antimicrobial and thermo-regulating properties will keep moisture and odour away while you’re on the clock and keep you cool 24 hours a day.

Stay dry – Underwear made from bamboo absorbs and evaporates moisture very quickly and efficiently; the fibre is cross-sectioned and has various tiny holes and gaps which enable aeration and moisture absorption, enabling you to not only enjoy comfortable and irritation free underwear, but allow you to feel fresh!

Hypo-allergenic – The natural bamboo fibres are really gentle on skin, making these ideal for those with allergies to wool or man-made fibres such as nylon.

Support economy and the planet – Bamboo requires less water, and because it’s naturally pest-resistant, it doesn’t require the expensive and toxic pesticides that many other textile crops often do. As a result, when you choose bamboo underwear, you aren’t just getting a better, more comfortable product, you’re also choosing to help the economy and the planet.


Waist Size
Inches CM
S 28-30 71.12 – 76.2
M 30-32 76.2 – 81.28
L 32-36 81.28 – 91.44
XL 36-40 91.44 – 101.6


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